Meet the staff

staff-dan-dennisDan Dennis |

Dan has been with Carolina Sporting Arms for over six years. He is 58 years old and has been involved with shooting since he was 12. His first exposure to guns was in the Boy Scouts and he has been hooked ever since. He shot in air gun & rimfire matches and eventually became nationally ranked. Dan soon moved on to small game hunting and plinking which he found even more enjoyable. When he was old enough to buy his own guns, he became a hard-core gun trader and has owned hundreds of guns of all types and calibers. With all the shooting Dan had to start reloading to feed the ever-growing collection of guns. Now many years later, his guns are much fewer in number but better in quality. Dan is an avid trap, skeet or sporting clays shooter. Dan welcomes all questions and truly enjoys sharing his experience with new shooters and seasoned hunters new to the shooting sports.


staff-chuck-herronChuck Herron |

Chuck Herron is a tactical firearms, edged weapon and preparation enthusiast turned professional. Chuck is a brand new Father, Husband, N.R.A Range Safety Officer, Rifle/ Pistol Instructor, Armor, and proud (unhyphenated) American. Herron comes from a large military family & has been shooting since the age of 10. He is currently head of all things tactical at Carolina Sporting Arms and referred to most of the time as the “AR Guy”. He has over 15 years of experience with the platform in all its numerous variations. In addition to the AR platform, Chuck also has extensive experience with most contemporary small arm combat weapons and gear. Chuck invites you to come down to Carolina Sporting Arms and share your tactical worries with him (gear or training) and he is sure that he can accommodate all your concerns.


staff-donald-ingramDonald Ingram |

Donald Ingram has been with Carolina Sporting Arms since 1998 and has been the Store Manager since 2002. Donald started his shooting hobby at the age of 7, shooting his first squirrel with a BB gun. He hunted and shot only recreationally until age 22 when he joined the Police Department in his hometown. His initial firearms training at the Police Academy ignited a passion for shooting that has only grown stronger. He shot qualification and competition, rising to the level of master shooter. He assisted as an adjunct firearms instructor, and eventually was assigned to the departmental sniper unit as Unit Commander. Donald has received numerous hours of defensive and tactical training with a handgun and speaks with authority on the topic with customers in the shop. Donald has been an active shooter in pistol, rifle, handgun and archery. Donald continues to compete in both handgun and archery when time allows.


staff-jack-kolbJack Kolb |

Jack has been a gun lover all his life mostly due to Jack’s dad being a “gun nut” when that was a good term. In the service Jack was a small arms repairman 425MOS. After his service he attended Trinidad State Jr. College earning a two-year degree in Gunsmith and repair. Jack uses his training and many years of practical experience everyday in Carolina Sporting Arms Gunsmith room. He routinely performs many of the most difficult tasks of gun cleaning and repair for almost all models of firearms. Jack has also worked in the outdoor industry for most of his career, traveling as an independent manufacturer’s representative. Jack has shot competitively with a rifle (US Army SETAF rifle team) and Bull’s-eye target with a pistol at Fort Monmouth, NJ. Toady Jack enjoys shooting shotguns, with skeet and trap as some of his favorites. He is also an avid bird hunter and fly fisherman.


jeff-penwellJeff Penwell

Jeff comes from a long line of hunters. Growing up in Nebraska exposed him to many opportunities to enjoy hunting at a very young age under the guidance of his uncles. His many hunting experiences evolved into his appreciation and respect of firearms. He was soon captivated by the science of re-loading metallic and shot-shell ammunition. It didn’t take him long to discover that re-loaded ammunition was more accurate than factory produced loads. This in turn motivated him to acquire his FFL and become more involved with firearms sales. Over the years, he has acquired a modest gun collection for personal use and enjoyed many hours afield hunting upland game, waterfowl and big game. He has a mount displayed in his home of a trophy Elk he harvested hunting in Wyoming. He relocated to Charlotte in 1991 and has recently retired. Working at Carolina Sporting Arms is his idea of the perfect retirement job. He has been with CSA since May 2011 working part-time and enjoys interacting with other firearms enthusiasts.


staff-phil-reynoldsPhillip Reynolds |

Phillip is the Fine Gun and Collectibles manager for Carolina Sporting Arms. Phillip has recently returned to Charlotte after spending 10 years up north managing the gun library of a well known “Outfitter”. Having grown up in North Carolina, Phillip enjoys the people, the climate and the rich history of the South. Phillip has been in retail firearms business for 36 years, including gunsmithing, buying/selling/trading and appraisals. He received his own FFL at the age of 22 and started a small gunsmithing company, named “Whitetail Armory” doing minor repairs and stock work. He has reloaded for over 40 years and enjoys shooting many calibers and gauges. Phillip has received factory direct training from Merkel, Blaser, Mauser and Anschutz in their home country of Germany. He has also visited some of the “fine gun rooms” of the London gun trade. His memberships in the NRA, Mannlicher Collectors, Ohio Gun Collectors Associations and the Vintagers keep him in tune with new laws, products and the public interest in firearms. Phillip is also a returning member of the Richmont Hunt Club in Richmond County, NC. His passions are classic firearms and hunting. He has been fortunate enough to hunt in 9 states and Africa. He has a strong interest in European firearms, as well as early Colt, S&W and Winchesters. Have question about the value of your firearm or your entire collection, come see Phil.


Gil Narvaez |

Gil has been a member of the CSA family since November 2014. He comes to us with an extensive background in law enforcement training, martial arts and a passion for the shooting sports. Gil is currently a 20 year veteran of a large local police department where he holds the rank of Sergeant. He is a North Carolina state certified law enforcement Firearms Instructor and Subject Control Instructor. He is a practitioner of BJJ and Muay Thai, often incorporating both disciplines into self-defense instruction. Gil is very friendly and approachable, always willing to help new or experienced shooters alike who are guest at our range. An avid competitive shooter, Gil enjoys participating in action shooting events, such as USPSA and 3Gun, held at several of the area shooting clubs.

Professional Certifications:

  • – NRA Range Officer
  • – 3 Gun Nation Certified Range Officer
  • – NC State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • – NC State Law Enforcement Subject Control Instructor
  • – Basic and Advanced Ground Defense Instructor
  • – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt – Team Steve Hall /Royce Gracie – Fight To Win BJJ


Cameron Maxwell |

My name is Cameron Maxwell and I was born in Charlotte in 1989 and was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado until 1999.  At that time my family moved back to the area where I graduated from Fort Mill High School in 2008 where I joined the U.S. Army and was stationed at Fort Drum in upstate NY. In 2009 I went on my first combat deployment to Afghanistan with the Bravo Co 2/87 IN 3BCT 10th Mtn Div. After returning in 2010 I departed for my second combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 to return in 2012. I have had multiple jobs and training to included Infantry Team Leader, Designated Marksmen ( long distance shooter), Electronic Warfare Specialist, pilot of the T-hawk UAV system, and an Unit Armor. I was honorably discharge in March of 2015 and started at Carolina Sporting Arms in April 2015. I am a Sales Associate and the store’s expert in safes and vaults. I have been certified as a NRA Range Safety Officer, and certified in basic first aid and CPR.


Charles McDonald |

Charles McDonald began learning to shoot at the age of 5 with his father and firearms quickly became a passion, which over the years has become his profession. Charles became an Eagle Scout and a Major in his high school JROTC program while also captaining the rifle team and working a part time job. After high school Charles went on to attend Montgomery Community College majoring in gunsmithing and maintaining a part time job. After college Charles work for a well known gun shop as a gunsmith, specializing in firearm restoration and blackpowder firearms for several months before budget concerns saw him working in a machine shop to keep his skills sharp as well as gunsmithing part time and got married to his wonderful wife and becoming a member of hs local Masionic lodge where he is now an officer. Charles is a relatively new addition to the CSA family and is very excited to be back into the industry he loves so well and hopes to see many more happy people and repair many more people’s beloved firearms.

– AAS in gunsmithing
– S&W M&P armor
– Bushmaster AR-15 armor
– Remington LE 870 and 700 armor
– NRA range safety officer


Danielle Freeman |

Years with CSA –  September 2015
Position at CSA –  Administration /  Compliance

Brief description about you: Amongst other things, I manage the Federal gun buying compliance, handle all accounts payable and receivable, balance our financial books, ensure associates have all they need such as shirts, forms, paperwork, etc.  I enjoy the challenge of wearing many hats and balancing the requirements of each.

Detail oriented associate who enjoys handling the compliance and accounting aspects required for her position within the Carolina Sporting Arms family. I am from the Charlotte area and I am married with one child.  Enjoy spending time with family and friends.


Edgar Vargas |

Years with CSA – 1 year
Position at CSA – Range Cleaning
Brief description about you: I am a former Puerto Rico Police Officer. I worked in Special Operation Division in PRPD to protect a serve our people. Manage any kind of guns and situation. I receive course with ATF and DEA in Puerto Rico as well.
After spending 17 years in law Enforcement career, I come to North Carolina and get part of this great team Carolina Sporting Arms. And the most important thing, I serve our God and preach sometime. I’m responsible when you come to use ours indoor range and hope you find it in good shape. Here in Carolina Sporting Arms I’m so glad to help you.

– Certificate Safety Range Officer
– Clean Guns and Repair some of them
– Assemble Guns


Mark McLaughlin |

Years with CSA – One Month
Position at CSA – Range Associate

Special skills: Certified as a NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instructor, and as a NC Criminal Justice Standards Specialized Firearms Instructor.  I am also an H&K Sub-gun Instructor, Glock Pistol Instructor.  I served as the Range Master for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, overseeing the annual qualification of over 600 armed personnel, and initial recruit firearms training of over 1200 personnel.  I served as the SERT (SWAT) Unit Commander, Sniper Team Leader, and as the teams Firearms Instructor.  I also have served as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor, during my active duty period for the U.S. Marine Corps.  I also have certifications as a Glock Armorer, Colt AR-15/M-16 Armorer, Remington LE Armorer, and H&K Sub Gun Armorer.

Brief description about you: I was raised in Maine, until I joined the Marines at 17 years old.  After my active duty, I came to Charlotte.  I recently retired from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, as a Captain, after serving 27 years as a sworn law enforcement officer.  I have been married for the past 20 years to my best friend.  I have a fondness for dogs and believe them to be the noblest animal on earth.  I am an avid hunter and competitive shooter.  My passion is to pass on my love of shooting to everyone I can, and to educate them with the knowledge and skill needed to become a safe and proficient shooter.


david-drummondDavid Drummond |

David has been the owner of Carolina Sporting Arms since 1998. He got into the firearms business because he couldn’t find the customer service he felt a new shooter should receive. He has always found it odd that at other stores the most seasoned and knowledgeable shooters receive the best treatment. It is the new shooter that needs our consultative selling and best service we can offer. Today it is that drive to give the customers at Carolina Sporting Arms the service they deserve that keeps him pushing forward. He truly believes that Carolina Sporting Arms must create a great experience for our customers every time they visit if they are to return.

David is a long time Charlotte resident having graduated from high school here in town before going on to Clemson where he received a BS in Industrial Management. David used his degree for almost 20 years serving as Regional Sales Manager for a local Technology and Industrial solutions provider, Livingston and Haven. David remains active with Livingston and Haven serving on their Board of Directors.

David is an avid bird hunter and has had the opportunity to travel to Argentina and Uruguay numerous times in search of the ultimate dove hunt.

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