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“A good place to go, become educated and learn to be responsible.
Become a better shot and be more comfortable with firearms and safety. Good staff, clean and safe!”
– Scott M.

We're here to help you...


Invest in the right Charlotte gear, guns and ammo, the first time.

Knowledgeable staff that is ready to listen and eager to address your questions.

We stock a wide variety of popular new firearms and accessories, while still holding on to the timeless classics.

Our expert Gunsmithing Staff has over 40 years of experience and is more than qualified to customize, restore, maintain and repair your favorite firearms.


More than just “one and done” Charlotte firearms training classes. We pride ourselves in partnering with you as your guide to get you where you desire to be.

From Beginners to tactical professionals, welcome to your new training facility.

Each of us are at different levels, therefore, we provide over 40 classes led by industry-leading professionals to ensure we have the right course for you.

What class should I take next?… We offer professional guidance through multiple training tracks, each aimed at delivering you to YOUR idea of READY.


All skills are perishable.

• CSA Guns is the most advanced Charlotte shooting range.
• Our indoor shooting range, located in Charlotte is a great place to develop, practice, and fine-tune your shooting skills.

One of the first in the nation to offer the cutting edge Video Animated Targeting System (V.A.T.S.) system to bring you new range technology training.

Maintain your skills with memberships at affordable rates in Charlotte’s world-class facility.

Progressive reality-based training for advanced members.

CSA Guns has fourteen indoor shooting lanes for your training in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We believe in thinking differently, the
kind that helps you reach your goals and creates comfort.

Visit our Charlotte Shooting Range

* An easy 30-minute visit will take the stress out of wondering what to expect. In addition to a great tour of our range, you will see all of your options first-hand. Schedule a visit
* If you prefer, Complete the Questionnaire to create a personalized plan, then schedule an in-person consultation with a guide.

Customize Your Education Path

* Each training path we create is specific to each and every guest.
* After we understand your needs together, we will recommend a path and plan according to your needs.
*Our recommended first class is: First Steps

Supportive Firearms Training

* Learning to shoot is an investment in your future and you want to know it’s with trusted partners.
* That’s why we provide you only the best professional education.
* If you’re unsure about any part of the process, we won’t move on until you’re comfortable. We support you always.

“Examining real-life scenarios, understanding the law on concealed carry were most beneficial. Useful lessons on how to improve my grip. I really appreciated the energy Mike brought to the class. I attended with my daughter and it was very comprehensive and flowed by.”

– Maryann G.

Get Ready Today So You’re Prepared For Tomorrow

“The range itself was fantastic! Will tell many of my friends and co-workers about it”

– Ray B.

What our guests are saying...


“Excellent staff that will help you out and they offer a great selection of firearms. Range is kept clean and is state of the art … One of my favorite gun shops in Charlotte.”
Rafael S.


“Awesome staff! They are really great here. They don’t try to sell you, yet help you find a firearm that fits your needs…Additionally, when I fired in the range, they were very helpful in making me fell comfortable and confident about my firearm handling skills.”
Nicola A.


“Staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Fair pricing, good rental selection. Clean and friendly atmosphere. This is the only range I’ll go to from now on!”
Lauren H.



Discover the Carolina Sporting Arms Difference...

• Everything we do, we believe in personal investment through honesty and transparency.

• We believe in thinking differently which is why we walk through each step of your firearm selection process together. It’s important to us that you are familiar with the procedure.

• The way we challenge thinking differently is by offering our products and services at a low no-haggle price so you can focus on what matters, and we can concentrate on the features and benefits that are the best for you.

• We believe in removing any concern of you purchasing the wrong gun that’s not comfortable or the best fit for your hand.

• As our guest, you’re worth a stress-free experience and deserve a gracious, supportive partnership. Whether you are new to shooting or an experienced shooter, you can trust fair treatment is consistently given.

• We don’t nickel and dime you, nor do we charge for a background check for what the industry knows is a free confirmation phone call.

• We believe in full disclosure; there are no hidden fees.

• You will have a broad selection of trusted products.

• Our friendly CSA guides will always be there if you have any questions.

• We believe in thinking differently, and we want you to be a prepared protector which is why we include the Entry Point First Steps class for free with the purchase of any firearm.

Your Action Plan

• Enroll in focused educational training
Schedule a personal consultation
Enjoy the recreational fun
Special order a firearm

Membership Benefits

• Unlimited range time
• Lane reservations for members only
• Lane priority always given to members
• Half priced guest fees
• Six Ti interactive training vouchers
• Lifetime gun warranty for guns purchased at CSA

And more……..

Access to Free Resources

• Schedule a Consultation or Call if you have any questions # (704) 554-9511
• Take a Facility Tour

What's Your Investment?

Your training will provide you the knowledge to overcome your fear.

We guide and provide the opportunity for a customized journey and continue ongoing support.


Only if you are comfortable will you take a “shot”. We know everyone has a different level of anxiousness when it comes to firearms and shooting for the first time. 

Yes! We are here to help; just ask, and we will assist you with observing as well as hands-on training. Whether you’re considering group or private instruction, or prefer just being pointed in the right direction, our CSA Guns Range Staff and Range Safety Officers are here to assist you.

No! Simply walk in since everything you need is available at Charlotte’s CSA Guns. We have a wide selection of rental firearms at our range check-in desk and ammunition available in a variety of calibers!  

Getting the right start means providing a comprehensive range of services and learning experiences. CSA Guns offers exceptional educational opportunities for beginners that focus on acquiring basic skills. Our in-depth instructional methods are designed to bring out the best in our students through a unique combination of fundamentals and fun. Safety is vital to ensure everyone in our facility has an enjoyable experience. 

Students will be provided confidence-building training and support strategies at every stage of the learning process from our certified expert instructors. Our classes are the perfect way to instill social skills and self-confidence that will carry over into other areas of everyday life.  This innovative approach to instruction allows us to appeal to students of all ages, provide the motivation to succeed and enjoy this lifetime sport.

Beginning equipment can be confusing and overwhelming. Drop by for a customized in-store “First Time Shooter Package” that includes all of the basics to get started. We will assess if you are “left” or “right” based on your handedness and eye dominance. We’ll also discuss your budget and interests in shooting sports, whether it be competitive, hunting, or just for fun. We’ll put together the best starter package for you.

Confidence tomorrow begins with planning today. EQUIP • TRAIN • CONFIDENT – learn skills you can trust!