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staff-phil-reynoldsPhillip Reynolds |

Phillip is the Fine Gun and Collectibles manager for Carolina Sporting Arms. Phillip has recently returned to Charlotte after spending 10 years up north managing the gun library of a well known “Outfitter”. Having grown up in North Carolina, Phillip enjoys the people, the climate and the rich history of the South. Phillip has been in retail firearms business for 36 years, including gunsmithing, buying/selling/trading and appraisals. He received his own FFL at the age of 22 and started a small gunsmithing company, named “Whitetail Armory” doing minor repairs and stock work. He has reloaded for over 40 years and enjoys shooting many calibers and gauges. Phillip has received factory direct training from Merkel, Blaser, Mauser and Anschutz in their home country of Germany. He has also visited some of the “fine gun rooms” of the London gun trade. His memberships in the NRA, Mannlicher Collectors, Ohio Gun Collectors Associations and the Vintagers keep him in tune with new laws, products and the public interest in firearms. Phillip is also a returning member of the Richmont Hunt Club in Richmond County, NC. His passions are classic firearms and hunting. He has been fortunate enough to hunt in 9 states and Africa. He has a strong interest in European firearms, as well as early Colt, S&W and Winchesters. Have question about the value of your firearm or your entire collection, come see Phil.


Gil Narvaez |

Gil has been a member of the CSA family since November 2014. He comes to us with an extensive background in law enforcement training, martial arts and a passion for the shooting sports. Gil is currently a 20 year veteran of a large local police department where he holds the rank of Sergeant. He is a North Carolina state certified law enforcement Firearms Instructor and Subject Control Instructor. He is a practitioner of BJJ and Muay Thai, often incorporating both disciplines into self-defense instruction. Gil is very friendly and approachable, always willing to help new or experienced shooters alike who are guest at our range. An avid competitive shooter, Gil enjoys participating in action shooting events, such as USPSA and 3Gun, held at several of the area shooting clubs.

Professional Certifications:

  • – NRA Range Officer
  • – 3 Gun Nation Certified Range Officer
  • – NC State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • – NC State Law Enforcement Subject Control Instructor
  • – Basic and Advanced Ground Defense Instructor
  • – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt – Team Steve Hall /Royce Gracie – Fight To Win BJJ


Danielle Freeman |

Years with CSA –  September 2015
Position at CSA –  Administration /  Compliance

Brief description about you: Among other things, I manage the Federal gun buying compliance, handle all accounts payable and receivable, balance our financial books, ensure associates have all they need such as shirts, forms, paperwork, etc.  I enjoy the challenge of wearing many hats and balancing the requirements of each.

Detail oriented associate who enjoys handling the compliance and accounting aspects required for her position within the Carolina Sporting Arms family. I am from the Charlotte area and I am married with one child.  Enjoy spending time with family and friends.


Edgar Vargas |

Years with CSA – 1 year
Position at CSA – Range Cleaning
Brief description about you: I am a former Puerto Rico Police Officer. I worked in Special Operation Division in PRPD to protect a serve our people. Manage any kind of guns and situation. I receive course with ATF and DEA in Puerto Rico as well.
After spending 17 years in law Enforcement career, I come to North Carolina and get part of this great team Carolina Sporting Arms. And the most important thing, I serve our God and preach sometime. I’m responsible when you come to use ours indoor range and hope you find it in good shape. Here in Carolina Sporting Arms I’m so glad to help you.

– Certificate Safety Range Officer
– Clean Guns and Repair some of them
– Assemble Guns


david-drummondDavid Drummond |

David has been the owner of Carolina Sporting Arms since 1998. He got into the firearms business because he couldn’t find the customer service he felt a new shooter should receive. He has always found it odd that at other stores the most seasoned and knowledgeable shooters receive the best treatment. It is the new shooter that needs our consultative selling and best service we can offer. Today it is that drive to give the customers at Carolina Sporting Arms the service they deserve that keeps him pushing forward. He truly believes that Carolina Sporting Arms must create a great experience for our customers every time they visit if they are to return.

David is a long time Charlotte resident having graduated from high school here in town before going on to Clemson where he received a BS in Industrial Management. David used his degree for almost 20 years serving as Regional Sales Manager for a local Technology and Industrial solutions provider, Livingston and Haven. David remains active with Livingston and Haven serving on their Board of Directors.

David is an avid bird hunter and has had the opportunity to travel to Argentina and Uruguay numerous times in search of the ultimate dove hunt.

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