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5 Star RatingThe Best experience in Charlotte. These guys have the knowledge to share and enjoy helping you out. I am a newbie to the pistol business and I would not go anywhere else.

5 Star RatingMy wife and I have gone back to this store twice now. We have previously visited Hyatt (high prices, gun snobbery) and Shooters express (small, cramped, decent selection but expensive range) so decided to check this place out. Glad we did! Like truckdriver’s review, Chris met us at the door. We didn’t know the store was getting ready to close, and she didn’t let on, just greeted us and offered help. We wound up filling out an application for a purchase permit. We went back again today, and this time were helped by no less than three people who were glad to answer any question and provide advice on various handguns. Also, no snobbery. We will be back to purchase. Thanks Chris and crew for a great experience!

5 Star RatingI went into the store the other day just to look. A young woman walked up to me, said hello and introduced herself. I told Chris that I was just looking. Chris told me to make myself at home and if I had any questions, just let her know. A few minutes later I had a question. Chris was eager to help and offered all kinds of information, on all types of hand guns, that I was interested in. She explained all the differences in the guns Chris has a world of knowledge about guns and ammo. I was VERY impressed with her customer service. I left the store and returned about 2 hours later to buy the gun we were looking at from Chris. Truly enjoyed shopping with her. If you are looking for a firearm, check out Carolina Sporting Arms and ask for Chris. Sincerely, “Truckdriver” Charlotte, N.C.

5 Star RatingAmazing Customer Service. I purchased a gun here and ran into problems with it at the range the next day. Don Ingram worked with the Manufacturer directly and got a new gun in my hand within 48 hours. Fantastic, the new gun runs like a charm.

5 Star RatingGreat customer service and very friendly staff. I had an issue earlier today with a handgun that I had just purchased. I was really worried that I was going to have to send it off for repairs and wait forever to get it back but I spoke to Donald Ingram, (Store Manager) and he resolved the issue in a matter of 5 mins. and was very friendly and willing to help. I will definitely make my next gun purchase at Carolina Sporting Arms and recommend the store to anyone else looking to do the same!

5 Star RatingI’ve purchased guns there because they were friendly, answered questions and really helped me make an informed decision. It’s a great place to do business with and I will be back again soon.

5 Star RatingGreat staff. Jerry really help with purchase of revolver for target practice with my family. Very clean store as compared to other local shops that are very crowded with inventory and dimly lit. I plan to make future purchases with these guys. Ammo deals can be had as well and feel more comfortable here than at Wally World.

5 Star RatingThis was my first experience purchasing a handgun, therefore you know what a novice I was upon entering Carolina Sporting Arms. I was extremely fortunate to meet Donald Ingram. It’s almost unbelievable the patience, professionalism, and kindness he extended to me during several visits to the shop. Never at any point did he become impatient with my lack of knowledge about firearms. Since those encounters with him, I have become more knowledge about firearms. very confident, and subsequently purchased a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard. He went above and beyond what was expected and helped me sight-in my handgun’s laser. I would highly recommend Donald to my friends and acquaintances because of his professionalism and expertise. Truly, in the times we live in, it is difficult to find this type of individual and I was fortunate to have him serve me. Therefore. in the future, I will continue to do business with Donald Ingram and Carolina Sporting Arms.

5 Star RatingThis is my favorite gun shop in town. I’ve lived in Charlotte 4 yrs now and do my gun shopping/business here. This store is clean, well organized, and in a good location. Was just up there this weekend purchasing a new revolver and I can tell you that each and every one of the employees I have spoken to here has been polite and know guns. They are knowledgeable about everything they sell. You won’t see some 15 yr old kid behind the counter. These are real men who work here and they will help you find what you are looking for. Prices are fair and just right. They even offer layaway plans so that you can pay for a gun in payments. They also offer conceal carry classes, and will help you find resources if you need any.

5 Star RatingI just made my first shotgun purchase here, and both times I went to look and ask questions, everyone was extremely helpful. They made a recommendation on a used Benelli, and it has now found a home. I used it all weekend long and it is my new favorite gun! I will make all my future purchases here.

5 Star RatingIt’s a new day at Carolina Sporting Arms. They have new Store Leadership and a real commitment to raising their service benchmarks and interest in higher end firearms. I believe they will be a national presence soon!

5 Star RatingRefreshing service My experience with the two large gun retailers in York County have made me feel like I was interrupting their day. Customer “service” is not existant. My first and second visit to Carolina Sporting Arms was refreshing. My first visit was very good and I received helpful advise and guidance. I was blown away when I visited the second time and they actually greeted me by name! That has never happened before, even though I have spent a lot of money with my “old” gun shops.! Needless to say, I’m a new loyal customer!

5 Star RatingBest Knowledge, Best Service! The team at Carolina Sporting Arms provides superior customer support. They are patient and great teachers of the sport of your interest. They have the resident expertise in all areas of firearms. Over the past several years, I have purchased at least 8 long guns, each with a detailed consultation. I have compared there products and service to other dealers in the area and without questions they are the best. They take complete ownership of your satisfaction. Jack and Jerry, who I work with the most are great enthusiasts for the sport and have incredible knowledge which they freely share. I enjoy just going into the store and seeing the new products or sharing a recent story with a cup of coffee. This is a no pressure environment and they truly help you find what you are looking for and will not oversell you on a product. I appreciate all of their help and assistance and their patience in teaching me the details of hunting and sport shooting!

5 Star RatingThis place is GREAT! Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a new hunting rifle. The guys at Carolina Sporting Arms gave me a great deal on a Remington Model Seven in Stainless Steel. The caliber is 7mm Short Action Ultra Mag. Everything they told me was right on the money. The rifle shoots into an inch at 100 yards, and has enough power to hunt anything in the USA. Their price was $100 less than I found the same gun anywhere, including the internet. They also have excellent Meopta scopes in stock. Finding such a nice rig locally, at such a great price, with excellent customer service rung my bell. I’ll be a customer for life!

5 Star RatingGreat place! I’ve been comparing prices at the gun shows and With shipping and FFL fees, Carolina Sporting Arms has what I was looking for at the lower price including tax. Don’t go to Shooter’s Express! Go to Carolina Sporting Arms! Want good a good price and good service? This is the place!

5 Star RatingBest customer service! Finally made it back to Carolina Sporting Arms, after almost 3 years of shopping gun stores and gun shows looking for the right pistol. I spent some time with Mark Armentrout looking at the 1911s, my eye has been on the Kimbers. We compared brands and features, I saw a great bargain, and I’m sure Mark got the feeling I was getting very close to a purchase. Not feeling pressured, but getting cold feet, I shifted my attention to the used shotguns. Mark helped me find a good deal on a trap/skeet gun for the kids. I left the store knowing that I’ve found the right place for hunting and shooting supplies. I know I can return there for expertise, outstanding customer service, at competitive prices. I might just have to return there tonight for my Kimber 1911! Hope it’s still there!

5 Star RatingTry it again if you have not in a while I went to CSA on Friday just to see if a .22 bull barrel with thumb through stock was available from Ruger after doing some research on-line. After talking with Donald, the store manager, for a while and getting to the bottom of why I wanted one he had a couple of other rifles he suggested. Even though I had no intention of buying a new weapon that day, I ended up leaving with a Magnum Research Graphite Tactical rifle. Don was very helpful in my selection and just as others have written he has greatly improved the customer service from what it was a couple of years ago. I have bought several weapons in the past from CSA and will continue to be a loyal customer.

5 Star RatingGreat Guys! the best thing about Carolina Sporting Arms are the “guys”. The employees are knowledgeable, well trained and above all, very friendly! I love this store……..DB

5 Star RatingAwesome Gun Shop! Carolina Sporting Arms has guns, gun safes, classes and these guys really know their stuff! It’s great to be a female gun owner and know that these guys can answer all my questions and provide whatever instruction I might need. So glad I found you!!

5 Star RatingThe Best experience in Charlotte These guys have the knowledge to share and enjoy helping you out. I am a newbie to the pistol business and I would not go anywhere else.

5 Star RatingNew hand gun To start off I had been doing some research online, and in other store around Charlotte. This was going to be my first hand gun purchase. I came into the store with my son and was met at the counter by the store manager, Donald Ingram. I told him that this was going to be my first hand gun. He showed me the guns that I had been looking at online and help me pick out the right one for my needs. I left the store feeling great. Other shops talked down to me because I asked lots of question, but they answered all my question and showed me how to clean and take apart the new gun(s) yes bought two! I told him that I have 6 other rifles, so planning to come back and buy a gun safe as well. Thanks for the great service. I’ll be back for the next gun purchase.

5 Star RatingGreat store! I have been a customer of CSA for many years and their staff is the most knowledgeable in the charlotte area and is not high pressure. Highly recommend them. Lots of great inventory. And an incredible basis of knowledge if you need advice on your gun. F Watson

5 Star RatingWell run shop. Initial problem resolved by mgr. More than corrected a problem. I’ll be driving by several other gun stores on the way to CSA. Knowledgable staff, several former law enforcement. Very helpful, barring a single employee I had a problem with. Mgr quickly corrected situation. Excellent showroom.

5 Star RatingExcellent Customer Service While my husband has patronized Carolina Sporting Arms for a number of years, I purchased my first gun from them a few weeks back and the experience was a very pleasant one. Each and every employee was friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. In addition to this, the price of the gun was a much better value than at other stores in the area. I would not hesitate to shop there again and would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for sporting arms and/or ammunition. Annie

5 Star RatingI would not shop anywhere else The staff is the best informed and their customer service skills are second to none. The have good inventory and they are very easy to work with. Great prices!

5 Star RatingNot just a good South CLT gun store, THE best in town! The staff at Carolina Sporting Arms has got to be the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Just this morning I was simply browsing around for a .22LR rifle to have some economic fun with, and despite me telling the staff that I was only looking around, they still stood and talked to me and offered all the knowledge I could hope for. To those saying it’s way overpriced – Well, you have to pay to play with the good professionals. If you want bargain basement backdoor deals and no-service after the sale then by all means I suggest taking your business elsewhere. I really just can’t say enough great things about this store and the staff/service. Heck, the President of the whole outfit took time to stand around and talk guns and ammo with me. Now that’s friendly service. If you want a gun store with extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, excellent selection, and pricing for the product and services you get, do yourself a favor and make a beeline for Carolina Sporting Arms.

5 Star RatingBEST Gun Shop The BEST Gun store I have ever walked into. Excellent customer service, clean, organized and unusually friendly employees. Great to do business with and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for honest and knowledgeable staff. Also don’t waist your time shopping around because they beat every price in town!

5 Star RatingGreat customer service I went into Carolina Sporting Arms to look for a new handgun. The staff was very helpful and took the time to answer all of my questions. Its the best I have very been treated in a gun store. Bought a new Kimber and I will be back!

5 Star RatingNew to the area and stopped by to window shop. Very friendly and helpful staff. High quality firearms that were fairly priced. No question I will purchase guns there in the future.

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