Core Values

  1. Never a Customer, Always a Guest
    We understand that you have chosen Carolina Sporting Arms for better service, better products, and a better experience. Therefore, you are more than a customer – you are family. We will treat you as a welcomed guest in our home.
  2. Deliver the greatest guest experience every time
    Our goal is for you to have exceptional service each time you visit our store. We hope that our gracious attitude plus our knowledgeable, experienced team will make it a great experience.
  3. Excellence and integrity in everything we do
    We strive to do more than expected, give extra effort, continually improve and do the right thing every time
  4. Gracious and fun
    We enjoy spending time with you during every visit to our store. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with everyone that visits our store
  5. A clean and safe environment
    Our entire facility offers a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for our guests. It is our pleasure and our responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who visits our facility.
  6. Entertaining experience that focuses on education
    We take exceptional pride in making first-time guests feel welcome in our store. Our goal is to welcome every skill level and help our guests enjoy and improve their experience using their firearms. Shooting should be a fun experience – we want to make it so for everyone who comes to our store!

We take great responsibility in being a faithful steward of our assets through internal responsibility and community involvement. Everyone within the CSA family relies on the responsible stewardship of our financial assets. It is also an act of our faith to responsibly manage what we have been given. To that end, as we responsibly manage our assets, we in turn feel compelled to share our bounty, big or small, with our community and specifically with organizations related to our focus of: Christian-based, youth-oriented, and industry-building.