CSA GUNS Is Open For…

Retail, Range Shooting, Training Classes, and Consultations to help you determine your personal training plan.


Monday, June 1stCSA enters Phase 1 of our return to Normalcy!

New Store Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday/Sunday: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Rifle Range Hours: (Unless utilized for special training)
Monday-Friday: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM to Close
Saturday and Sunday: All-day

Classes are on the website, register online

Need Help? Call us anytime at 704-554-9511

Coronavirus Information…


CSA is considered an essential business under the Department of Homeland Security guidelines.


Department of Homeland Security includes firearm manufacturing, distribution, retail and ranges as essential critical services.

For your safety, training education, and protection needs, we remain open.

In a time of crisis, and transition, we know our role is not only to help support you but also to help you adapt to your changing reality. Some of our guests and members are itching to get out and a few more are cautious in this new post-COVID era.

We will continue to prioritize our customers’ and employees’ wellbeing.

  •  – We are maintaining daily disinfectant procedures in all areas of the Store and Range
  •  – We continue monitoring the Social Distancing practices of all guests
  •  – The Shut-Down period prevented the normally scheduled training for our Law Enforcement Community so there are numerous LE training sessions on the calendar where they will use the upstairs range and it will not be available to Guests.  Call us if you wish to use the rifle range on a weekday.
  •  – For guests having concerns about larger group training with numerous strangers, we can schedule Private Group Concealed Carry classes.  Email Mike msimpson@csaguns.com directly with questions about scheduling training for a private group of 5 or more.

CSA Guns is committed to continuing to provide you with the tools, training, services, and resources to help our members, and guests navigate moving forward from this challenge.

  • Are you, your spouse or family member considering learning to shoot?
  • What do you wish your spouse knew about shooting sports so she was more supportive and less afraid?
  • As a brand-new gun owner, did you purchase a firearm but did NOT buy a safe?
  • Have you developed your own family plan and feel you have the necessary training?
  • Do you have plenty of ammo in reserve?

 We continue to accept additional work.

Retail: We receive large shipments of firearms, ammunition and accessories daily but may limit ammunition purchases to ensure everyone has access to it.

Thanks again for all your patience and support as this crisis has evolved and guidelines have been altered and updated almost daily. We are doing our absolute best to keep everyone informed, cared for, and most of all safe during these uncertain times.

Stay healthy, safe and thank you for your patience,
Your CSA Team

Need Help? Call us anytime at 704-554-9511