ballistic effectiveness

Ballistic Effectiveness Workshop

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Cost: 99.00

Duration: 3 Hrs.

This course was designed to illustrate what is required to “stop” the threat of a deadly encounter. In other words, what to shoot and where the bullet should impact for rapid and effective results. You will learn the anatomical areas which will incapacitate the “threat” when struck with a bullet or bullets.

Topics explored will be:

  • Rifle or Pistol? Which is more effective and why.
  • Types of ammunition for optimum results.
  • Shot placement for fastest incapacitation.
  • What happens to the human anatomy when impacted by bullets. (WARNING: This presentation includes images of human pathology as a result of gunshot wounds. This content may be disturbing to certain individuals.)
  • Use of cover and concealment.
  • Live fire exercises using 3-dimensional humanoid targets.

You have your gun…you have your concealed carry permit…do you have the skills and knowledge to terminate an imminent deadly threat?

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