Womens Introduction To Shooting

N.C. Women’s Only Concealed Handgun Permit Class


Cost: $125.00

Duration: 8 Hrs.check dates / register

This is a women’s only class and is taught by a female NRA Certified Instructor. Participants cover North Carolina gun laws/gun safety to satisfy the training requirements for a North Carolina CCW Permit. During the class, participants learn safe gun handling, the different types of concealed firearms, proper care and storage of the firearm and ammunition, range safety and operations, and in depth review of North Carolina firearm laws. The training also includes range safety rules and live firing on the range.

Participants are provided a booklet with all the training information and a written test on both the firearms and North Carolina laws. Those completing this eight-hour “firearms safety training course” will receive a certificate of qualification for a concealed carry endorsement from their county sheriff.

Participants will need to bring the following items on the day of class:

  • – Either a semi-automatic or a revolver firearm in good working order.
  • – 50 rounds of ammunition
  • – Note taking materials (paper, pen, and/or pencil)
  • – Eye Protection
  • – Hearing Protection

Further information on both concealed carry and purchasing requirements can be found here:

The Carolina Sporting Arms Lifetime Repeat Any Class Forever Guarantee Does Not Apply to the North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit Class.check dates / register

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