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At Carolina Sporting Arms, we facilitate everything. After years of training, our guides are experts at providing unforgettable unifying experiences. Every Day Carry Skills is the next step in building your training foundation.

Firearm Type: HandgunSkill Level: IntermediateLocation: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $90.00/person 

“The best aspect of the class was move and shoot, shoot from cover, and consistent reloads. Awesome experience and great to build skills!”

– Jeff F.

Every Day Carry Skills in Charlotte, NC

*This is NOT a “basic firearm” class, students must know how their firearm operates and know shooting fundamentals.*

Students will learn the advanced skills of carrying a concealed firearm, how to create enough distance to either getaway or to deploy your firearm from concealment to defend your life, should the need arise. We will now apply these advanced skills in a drill fashion. Training is taught to get the body to “respond” and not go through a delayed process but to actually respond under stress!

Once the classroom portion is completed, we will practice with live-fire range time. Both dry-fire and live-fire practice gives you an idea of how you can practice and conduct good shooting fundamentals on your home range. The goal of shooting fundamentals live-fire is to educate your “trigger” finger! Get it to do what we want it to do, not what it wants to do.

Build constructive habits and learning to move through a draw in a smooth, effective manner. This course is a must for any person who desires to carry a concealed firearm once they have acquired their Concealed Carry Permit.

What you will learn:

  • – This course is designed to further your training past the basic Concealed Carry Permit course.
  • – To further your skill level and abilities.
  • – This is different than a basic or slightly advanced handgun course. Everything we will do in this course will be from your holster or concealment.
  • – This class is for people that are serious about protecting themselves and their family or loved ones IF the situation arises.

“The best aspect of the class was moving and shooting and 5 steps to drawing. The class is more than I expected! It is fantastic! Great job and excellent method of teaching.”

– Ray H.

A basic concealed carry course is important, but it’s just that, “basic.” It does NOT give you enough information to be able to protect yourself in a real-world situation. It is essential to apply knowledge as quickly as possible. Learning by doing is still the best single way to learn. Until you can do it repeatedly (like some of the ways below), it might simply be luck. Only practice will provide the real answer.

– Perishable skill without practice

– Practice in front of the mirror at home

– Maximize your time at the range

You need to have a training plan. Going to the range without a plan is like getting in the car and driving with no purpose. When you go to the gym, you have a plan…and you track progress. Just going to the range isn’t enough, you need a plan, and to track your progress.

In this course, you will be provided enough information to help you develop that plan:

  • – Practice how you carry, from concealment.
  • – If you can’t get to your firearm, it doesn’t matter how accurate you are.

Basic Safety:

  • – Fundamental Gun Safety Rules

Carrying Concealed Equipment/Issues

  • – Concealed carry considerations (methods and holsters)
  • – Alternative methods of carry, body mechanics
  • – Stress responses

First Steps (NO AMMO)

  • – Quickly access the handgun
  • – Lift, rotate, trigger management, reholster

Drawing from Concealment (Dry-Fire Exercises)

  • – Learn smooth draw, drawing from concealment
  • – One-handed, two-handed, reloading techniques
  • – Malfunction clearing, target acquisition

Basic Marksmanship (Dry-Fire and Live-Fire Exercises)

  • – Shooting stances, flash sight picture, point shooting
  • – Defensive & target accuracy
  • – Fundamentals: Position / Grip / Breath Control / Sight Alignment / Trigger Squeeze / Follow Through

Accuracy Drills (Live-Fire Exercises) Speed is fine, but accuracy is final!

  • – One, two-shot drills
  • – Shooting and Moving
  • – Multiple target acquisitions
  • – Mag changes
  • – Shooting from behind cover

What should you bring and required equipment:

  • – Semi-auto handgun, .380 caliber or higher (No Revolvers)
  • – 200 rounds of ammunition
  • – A Kydex or good quality leather holster set up to be run inside the waistband or OWB with a cover garment (No Nylon Holsters, No Collapsing Holsters)
  • – Two to Three Magazines
  • – A magazine holster
  • – A sturdy gun belt
  • – Hardshell ear muffs and eye protection
  • – Note-taking material
  • – Positive attitude and an open mind


1. Signed Participant Agreement (available online)

2. Concealed carry permit

3. Basic knowledge of your firearm

In the rare instance we do not have a minimum of 3 participants, we may reschedule students to the next class that complies with the student’s schedule. Rescheduled students will have priority for the next scheduled class.

You deserve access to your instructor and this is why a low student to instructor ratio is capped. Small classes ensure your training needs are met and offer you a personal, guided training experience.

Photo ID is required to shoot on the range.

“Mike does a great job at keeping a safe environment but keeping the evening engaging. Very practical teaching!”

– Jimi H.

If you have any questions regarding refunds, rescheduling, or cancellations, click the button below to access our comprehensive policy.

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