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How do you gain confidence to trust your skills and become a more accurate shooter? How important is consistency and programming your motor skills? Did you know you can dramatically increase your chance of survival by learning how to deliver a shot with pinpoint accuracy?

Firearm Type: HandgunSkill Level: Intermediate Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $90.00/person 

Extreme Accuracy Shooting

The aspects of the class I benefited from the most were several key takeaways that will provide the tweaks I need to improve my accuracy and speed. I would like to take Home Defense Fundamentals but want to build my skills first.

– J.R.

Extreme Accuracy Class in Charlotte, NC

Make your friends jealous with the ability to split a playing card in half at multiple distances.  The Carolina Sporting Arms EXTREME ACCURACY class can transform you into a more confident marksman with the knowledge and training to protect yourself.

The experienced guides at Carolina Sporting Arms have trained hundreds of people and we’re confident you will master accuracy and proficiency.  Through planning, practice and experience, you will reduce your group size significantly and develop the capacity to achieve perfect timing every time.

In our commitment to your advanced training, Extreme Accuracy was created to help you reach your full potential.


What should you expect from this course?

  • – This class is for the advanced beginner and can help transform you into a better marksman who is more prepared.
  • – This class will show you how to reduce your group size by 30%, 50% or more.
  • – Students will receive a brief classroom hands-on module and will then spend time on the range for live fire exercises.
  • – Students will be given the chance to split a playing card at 2, 3, 5 and 7 yards, providing an opportunity to sharpen skills while advancing shooting proficiency.
  • – The instructor for this 3 hour class is an NRA certified instructor who will help you get the training and confidence you deserve!

Extreme Accuracy will help you:

  • – Gain confidence and master the knowledge to trust your skills
  • – Develop consistency to remove any self-doubt
  • – Become capable of shot clarity and precision with certainty

Items needed for this class:

  • – Eye and ear protection
  • – Proper footwear and closed top shirt
  • – 100 rounds of ammo
  • – Note taking materials

The CSA instructor provided enough theory to address possible misfires. The class also had review/feedback/Q&A at the end.

– Art

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