Selling Your Estate Collection, Single Piece, or Consignment

Should Not Be a Challenge


Many options are available to you as a large, small, or single-piece collector.

“Without the trust and expert knowledge, you need to feel comfortable making the right decision, it’s going to cost you and your family. We’re so grateful we made the decision to sell the collection to CSA Guns!”

– Jerold G. & family

How to ease the safety, financial, or mental burden on those you love and leave everyone feeling secure.


Do you have elderly parents and need to make safety decisions in the household?

Do you need ways to ease financial limitations to help with their care?

Are you concerned about Alzheimer’s, dementia, poor judgment, or difficulties with decision-making that pose a risk for everyone?

Alzheimer’s, Dementia Firearms Safety (pdf)

Plan Ahead

We know discussing the dispersal of your collection can be extremely difficult, and you may have spent years, building a collection. It’s this difficulty that makes this matter an important one to handle in advance, so everyone has peace of mind. In the case of firearms, estate collections, or concerns about the health of your loved one where essential safety considerations are involved, planning will ease the burden and save a great deal of worry, time, and money.

Pre-planning – whether it’s immediate cash needs or long-term wishes, understand your options and benefits

Do Nothing

All too common and has negative consequences

  • – It wastes valuable time, and the piece or collection may be sold in haste and not a fair value.
  • – If items have been bequeathed informally to family, doing “nothing” does not ensure they will receive them.
  • – Items may accidentally be sold, given to family members who don’t care about them, or be a source of conflict.
  • – Doing nothing is the worst possible option for those left to sort out the final affairs.

*An easy 30-minute call or in person consultation will take the stress out of wondering what to expect.

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Gifted to Family

At CSA Guns, we believe in continuing your tradition of collecting and passing down the history to the next generation.

  • – Make sure your family members all agree.
  • – Many family members have no interest in collectible firearms or guns.
  • – Often family can be interested in the monetary value, but not the object.
  • – Any scenario can potentially result in family members with no idea of where to sell the items.
  • – Have these conversations in advance to avoid disappointment or financial loss.

Our recommendation, ask the experts!

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Can be a lucrative option, but there are things to consider

  • – Do you need a great way to get extra cash?
  • – Are you getting a fair value?
  • – Can you trust the company that is ready to buy?
  • – What records need to be kept?
  • – Does the store know how to navigate state and federal gun laws?
  • – What is their experience?
  • – Are they easy to contact?
  • – Are there hidden fees?

If you’re unsure about any part of the process,
we won’t move on until you’re comfortable. We support you always.

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Weigh the pros and cons of your options, talk to your family and arrive at a final decision. Whatever your choice, you have a plan in place.

Why you should consider planning for your firearms, or gun collection ahead of time?

• Fewer opportunities for argument and indecision among family members.
• No worry for your wife or family about doing the wrong thing when finalizing what to do with your gun or collection.
• No mistakes or oversights, everything will be done legally.
• Peace of mind now knowing your wishes are honored.
• Pre-planning is the responsible thing to do; it removes the legality or can relieve a financial burden on family members.
• Complex decisions are made ahead of time when you and your family have time to think things through.
• Planning can avoid any immediate or long-term financial burdens.

CSA Guns – Professionals & Experts

Many people are more comfortable making these decisions with professionals. CSA is fortunate to have on staff, Phil Reynolds, one of the most valued and sought-after Fine Gun experts in the country!

Need Help Deciding?

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We’re available to answer questions, concerns or help you create a plan that meets your family’s needs.

If you don’t plan now, you won’t be prepared for tomorrow.