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Have you thought about…?

What would you do if you were to inherit a gun or a firearm collection?

Selling or Consigning your firearms with us is a great way to get extra cash!

“Consignment” at CSA Guns yields a 96% success rate!

Receive your money faster than an auction – Paid at 30-days or less!

If it’s in our store, we can sell it!

With estate firearm collections and consignment guns, CSA Guns has the expertise and unmatched services in Charlotte, North Carolina, South Carolina, surrounding areas, the USA, and World-Wide. Staffed with a combined 70+ years of experience in firearms, experts in the valuation, and the sale of Collectables, War Relics, and Vintage firearms.

For you and your family, we’re happy to schedule an appointment to review your firearms. CSA Guns uses several recognized evaluation sources to establish the best current market prices and determine the overall condition of the firearms to estimate value. Our experienced team uses these tools and the evaluation of your firearm to generate a percentage of the original condition.



Inheriting firearms can be both exciting and challenging. CSA Guns can help with the process, whether you choose to keep the collection, consign portions, or liquidate it. No gun or gun collection is too small or too large.

Whether it is one gun or a gun collection, arrangements can be made for CSA Guns to purchase your full collection. Or we appraise your firearms and help sell them at competitive prices with a fair consignment commission. However, consignments are reserved at a minimum of $1,500 and up.

Step #1 – Evaluation:  to consign a firearm with CSA Guns, it must meet our criteria

1.) Be in safe and working order.
2.) Have a safety device or be contained in a secure storage device.
3.) The firearm must have the Mfg. Model, Caliber, and Serial Number clearly marked.
4.) All firearms are checked against law enforcement databases to ensure they are not stolen.
5.) All consignment items are sold with a 30-day function guarantee. The seller is responsible for any repairs needed in this 30-day period unless the function failure is due to misuse by the buyer.

If your firearm meets the above criteria, you will be asked to stop by the store, fill out a form, and then we will help you determine a fair market value.

• We normally contract for a consignment period of 90 days to sell your items. In our experience, about 80-90% of properly priced items will sell in that period.
• We are responsible for the security and safety of your items while in our possession and will give them the same secure storage as our own inventory, covered by insurance for the consigned value.
• There is no charge unless your firearm sells, or the consignor takes the gun off consignment before the 90-day period is complete. In this case, the consignee must pay a $35 fee.
• Once we have a buyer, we require the buyer to complete all the usual paperwork just like purchasing a new firearm and a NICS background check is run keeping the entire transaction within the law.

Consignment Details

• Call or email CSA Guns with photos or a full description of what you want to sell. Our knowledgeable team will assist in setting a price that is in line with the gun value and any included accessories (original box, magazines, optics, owner’s manual, etc.)  We will discuss price ranges, and if we think we can do a respectable job selling for you.
     • If we agree we are a good match:
         • we will have you stop by the store with your consignment items or
         • we make arrangements to pick up the items, or
         • we request you to ship them to us by insured UPS
• Customers are buying from us, and our CSA Guns reputation is on the line. We will describe items to the best of our knowledge and will not misrepresent items for a consignment seller.  We will not take items on consignment at prices we think are unrealistic or unfair to the seller or buyer.
• We contract for a consignment period of 90 days to sell your items, which allows time to research properly and advertise.
• CSA Guns is responsible for the safety and security of your guns while in our possession and will give them the same secure storage as our own inventory, covered by insurance for the consigned value.
• When your item is sold (customer has paid for it, it has been delivered, and the three-day inspection period is over) we will credit your account at CSA Guns for the sales price less the commission. Our normal commission rate is 20% of the selling price – you receive 80% of the final selling price.
• We will gladly provide contact information of previous consignment customers as references.
• There is no charge unless your item sells, and the item has not been removed from consignment before the 90-day contract period.
• Once a price has been set for your firearm, you will need to formally agree to our CSA Guns Terms of Consignment and sign a receipt to transfer the firearm to us. We will put it on display as a consignment sale.
• Once we have a buyer, we will require the buyer to fill out all the usual paperwork just like purchasing a new firearm. Rest assured – whoever purchases your firearm is doing so within the law.
• After the sale has been finalized, we will contact you to deliver the payment.


Please be aware – If you no longer wish to consign your firearm(s) and you would like to pick it up, a Background Check is required before the item(s) can be removed from the store.

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