How can you put your tax return money to good use?

Own Fort Knox quality! 

We’re placing a store stocking order with Fort Knox……..and we want to share the pre-order benefits with you!


Your family.
Your memories.
Your valuables.


  • – Proper storage decreases the chances of accidents and misuse and valuables from being destroyed by fire.
  • – Build your custom Fort Knox vault/safe according to your exact specifications, and we’ll help you customize your vault.
  • – Once we receive 5 special safe orders, you will SAVE hundreds of dollars in shipping costs if the order is placed by 3/31/24.
  • – Your special order is added to our store’s shipment, and you pay NO shipping costs from Utah to our store.
  • – Our FREE consultation helps you take the stress out of questioning if you’ve made the right choices.
  • – Superior product, quality, craftsmanship, and protection.
  • – Owning a Fort Knox vault/safe is an investment with trusted partners.
  • – Proudly, Fort Knox, a US manufacturer, offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

How to order: 

  1. Go to the Fort Knox vault builder and place your special order on your own through their website
  2. Configure your perfect vault
  3. Forward your build sheet to
  4. Or, contact Heath Hannon directly at or 704-554-9511.
  5. Make a spot in your home for your new vault

*We’re happy to answer questions and help you customize your vault during each step of the order process.

Find comfort in the security and benefits by owning the best “safe” with a lifetime warranty.

– Team CSA Guns