Current NC driver’s license

Proof of a NICS background check or a CCW permit. 

Rifles & Shotguns:

Current NC driver’s license

Proof of a background check either with a CCW permit or a NICS background check (which we can provide for you instantaneously). Though other dealers may charge for this service, CSA Guns DOES NOT charge for a NICS check since we are not charged for the service.

For a CCW course, look here or a NICS background check (which we can provide for you instantaneously)

Yes. You can layaway any regular priced gun, safe or accessory for up to 60 days with 33% down.

An ‘FFL’ is a federal firearms license. It is a license that is required for anyone or any business dealing in the purchasing or selling of firearms.

Federal, state and local firearm laws are very complex. To legally protect yourself, allow the experts at Carolina Sporting Arms to assist you in your gun sale. You can sell your gun directly to us, and we will handle the gun sale to a new owner. Or, if you already have a buyer for your firearm, contact us and we can transfer it out of your name and hold it for the new owner, or transfer it to another ‘FFL’ holder in another state.

Yes, you can purchase your gun from any dealer. However, handguns purchased out-of-state must be transferred to your local ‘FFL’ dealer for your pick up. Residents of some states may be able to purchase long guns (rifles or shotguns) at dealers in other states without a specific transfer of ownership. Handguns can only be picked up at a dealer in your home state. Click here to find your state’s gun laws.

Gun laws vary from state to state. Be sure to check with your local state and government for the most accurate information. As reference, you can visit the following link for state-by-state gun laws.

Each repair is as unique as each person’s health needs. Various models, changes to those models, parts availability and other factors specific to your firearm and it’s repair needs can cause seemingly simple repairs to become lengthy endeavors. As well, gunsmith backlog is another factor. But, rest assured we put all our effort and resources in making your repair a priority. On average, most repairs can be completed in 3-4 weeks.

Yes, selling your gun on consignment is a service we offer. Please contact Phil Reynolds at preynolds@csaguns.com for more information on the service. Your guns will need to be brought to our store for a fair assessment of it’s value and what you can expect to receive when it sells.

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