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At Carolina Sporting Arms, our guides know the biggest challenge for you is just getting started. The Give It A Shot class makes getting started easy.

Firearm Type: HandgunSkill Level: Beginner Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $60.00/person 

“I went into Carolina Sporting Arms not knowing what to expect from the experience. What I got was the absolute best training that I could have ever asked for.”

– Chandra P.

Give It A Shot Class in Charlotte, NC

What knowledge, equipment and skills do you need to acquire in order to keep your family, and yourself, safe?

Give It A Shot is a classroom and range based orientation to build your training foundation. This class is taught by an NRA Certified female instructor.

We have helped hundreds of people progress from never shooting a gun before to becoming comfortable, skilled shooters.  Carolina Sporting Arms wants you to be prepared, feel safe and able to enjoy a new sport. We’re confident you will thrive from our guided educational opportunities and feel empowered from the experiences provided.

During the classroom portion, you will receive formal exposure to:

  •   – Safe gun handling, safety rules and guidelines
  •   – The different handgun types and why you would prefer one over the other
  •   – Proper handgun grip, stance and other fundamentals
  •   – Popular terms used in the shooting sports and basic functions of a handgun
  •   – How to safely load and unload a handgun
  •   – Understanding of the local requirements for purchasing and owning a firearm
  •   – Introduction to shooting sports opportunities for all levels of interest

The program provides you with a comprehensive introduction to shooting a handgun by certified instructors that includes:

  •   – Firearm safety
  •   – Local ownership requirements
  •   – Shooting fundamentals
  •   – Hands-on instruction
  •   – How and where to continue training with your next class

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