women's firearms training course

Give It A Shot – Women’s Firearms Training Course


Are you looking to gain the knowledge and confidence you desire to protect yourself?  Want to learn how a gun functions and how to handle a gun safely?  Do you have questions about concealed carry for women, or other women’s gun issues?  Or, do you just want to learn in a fun, safe environment with other ladies like yourself?

At Carolina Sporting Arms, our guides know the biggest challenge for you is just getting started. We understand your apprehension; therefore, we’ve made getting started easy with our Give It A Shot – Women’s Firearms Training Course. CSA has helped hundreds of people progress from never shooting a gun before to becoming comfortable, skilled shooters.

After years of training, our guides are experts at providing unifying experiences. Give It A Shot is a 2 hour women’s firearms training course which starts your journey towards establishing a solid foundation. Here’s what to expect:

A female NRA-Certified Instructor will discuss:

  • Gun handling, safety rules and guidelines
  • Types and actions specific to handguns
  • Grip, stance and other fundamentals
  • Workspace, ready positions, and basic cycle of function
  • Manipulations such as administrative load, unload and press check

*Two of the six key elements of marksmanship

The Give It A Shot instructor will provide:

  • *Eye and ear protection for each lady (yours to keep)
  • *Targets
  • *One hour of classroom time followed by one hour range time

We want you to be prepared, feel safe and able to enjoy a new sport. We’re confident you will thrive from our guided educational opportunities and feel empowered from the experiences provided.

Bring a friend and join us at our women’s firearms training course!  Don’t let another opportunity to learn to protect yourself pass you by!


Instructor:  Susan Broome
Time: 5-7PM
Price: $50

Each CSA class and event has a minimum attendance requirement of 3 participants.  If this attendance requirement is not met, CSA reserves the right to cancel the course and reschedule the participant in another class.

Photo ID is required to shoot on the range.

8055 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273

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