Some see a challenge. We see a lifetime of value.



Carolina Sporting Arms provides firearm owners throughout the Carolinas with the finest gunsmithing services. Our highly skilled craftsmen are renowned for their quality work, reliability, and 100-percent-satisfaction guarantee. At Carolina Sporting Arms, our comprehensive gunsmithing services include all types of repairs, modifications, enhancements, and total restoration. There are no jobs too large or too small for our experts, and we work on most types of guns. In addition to our general maintenance services, we provide many types of detail work, as well.

We understand you may not have the time to care for your firearm properly and invite you to visit our gunsmithing department which has serviced thousands of firearms.

CSA Gunsmithing Services combine Old World craftsmanship, modern technology, and carries forward this historical raw skill and artistry! 

– Our unique talent will build, design, replace or repair

Maintenance, inspection & specialized services

Enhancing & Servicing firearms of all types

Our gunsmithing services include:

– General Repairs, Trigger & Action Jobs

– Night Sights & Scope Installation

– Bluing & Parkerizing

– Cerakote Custom Gun Finishes

– Rifle Accurizing and Bore scoping

– Restoration & refinishing

– Easy drop off for scheduled maintenance.

– Firearms tune-up

– Parts and product education

– Hot rust and Immersion Bluing

– Stock Refinishing and Repairs

– Soft, Silver Soldering and Brazing

– Barrel fitting and Chambering

– Firearms Cleaning and Maintenance

– Firearm Disassembly/Re-assembly

– Alternative Finishes

– Muzzle Crowns

– Firearms Diagnosis and Repair

“I took my shotgun into the gunsmith for a little work, they were fast, organized, and kept me in the loop as my firearm was being repaired.”

– David R.

“The place offers good service, good treatment. It has a variety and quality of product. My first shooting class, instructor Joey Attanasio, taught me how to handle the weapon, the posture I should choose … very professional, his explanations were very detailed and precise. I recommend it for those people who use a firearm for the first time, who are not familiar on how to handle a gun”

– Lisa D.

We are confident you will have the comfort of a secure, dependable firearm. One that will last from generation to generation. Old or new, CSA will care for your gun as an heirloom that’s been passed down to you. “Carry with confidence”.

Lou Koss – Gunsmith

– Master Gunsmith Program Diploma – Pennsylvania Gunsmith School
– Attended AR-15 Armorer and Customization course sponsored by Brownell’s – complete with a certificate
– Alternative finishes course sponsored by Brownell’s – complete with a certificate

Lou Koss comes to CSA Guns with years of experience as a Gun Technician at Field and Stream. His experience, including buying, selling firearms, overseeing the preowned division, which included appraising firearms, cleaning, and repairing, makes his skills a valuable asset.  Lou’s expertise in evaluating firearms for malfunctions, mounting scopes, repairing in-house, or if under warranty, meeting the proper detailed paperwork requirements is an impactful service for our guests and members.

Lou was the Firearms Compliance Lead and evaluated data to make sure the 4473 matched state form in compliance with all ATF and state regulations.

Looking For Gunsmithing Services?

Please send questions directly to our gunsmithing experts or call us at (704) 554-9511.