Ladies Marksmanship Class

It’s Ladies’ Marksmanship Class night at the range!

The Ladies Marksmanship Class is a self-paced program designed to reinforce basic handgun safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, targeting either brand new shooters or shooters looking to build and improve their current skillset. The program follows a nationally recognized program of repetitive drills of gradually increasing difficulty called the Winchester Marksmanship Program.

Ladies Marksmanship Class

Skill Level: Intermediate | Instructor: Mike Simpson | Time: 2 hrs. | Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $50.00/person 

women's shooting classes near me
Ladies Marksmanship Class near me
female shooting class

I highly recommend this class for women.  It takes into account particular issues that women have when learning to advance their shoot education. In addition, there are other considerations that I don’t think men would think about when it comes to women using a weapon.

– Jessica



  • – The drills are easy to complete with each drill building on the skills learned in the previous session.
  • – All drills have performance goals that are reasonably attainable and insure those skills have been appropriately mastered before progressing to the next level.
  • – Levels include:
    •   – Pro-Marksman
    •   – Marksman
    •   – Marksman First Class
    •   – Sharpshooter
    •   – Expert
    •   – Distinguished Expert
  •   – On successful completion of each level certificates of achievement are issued to the shooter acknowledging their performance.
  • – During the course of the program, the shooter will master the safe and confident handling of their firearm and will shoot targets out to 30 feet from the following static positions:
    •   – two-handed strong side
    •   – two-handed weak side
    •   – single-handed with strong hand only
    •   – single hand with weak hand only
    •   – shooting under time pressure
  • – By the end of the program, the shooter will have mastered the basic fundamentals of marksmanship and be able to hit their intended target with confidence and will also have qualified for the NRA Distinguished Expert tab in the pistol discipline. This is a nationally recognized level of achievement that is something to be proud of!

The Ladies Marksmanship Class will begin with the issuing of awards from the previous session and a review of all courses of fire being shot by the participants each evening with an open question and answer session. The class will then adjourn to the range for the completion of drills at the pace of the individual shooter with interactive coaching while on the firing line.

women's shooting classes
Ladies Shooting Class
Ladies Shooting Class Near Me in Charlotte, NC



  • – Shooters that have their own firearm are welcome to bring them.
  • – New shooters are urged to shoot a .22 caliber handgun so the critical skills can be mastered without the negative influences of heavy recoil.
  • – If you currently are in the process of selecting a firearm, a variety of rental guns are available to help out with the selection process.
  • – To participate in the range, guests are required to have “hard shell” over-the-ear, ear protection with an NRR of at least 28 DB
  • – Suitable eye protection
  • – Eye and ear protection are available for purchase at the range


Ladies’ night includes:

  • – A target
  • – One hour of range time
  • – An instructor/RSO with the group to answer questions

This event is for experienced shooters. If you have not fired a pistol before, we recommend you first take one of our introductory classes: Give It A Shot or the First Steps and First Shots Classes.

You can do all these things and more!! Bring your friends and come join us on a Wednesday night for some fun and firearms with just the ladies!

I searched for training courses on the CSA Guns website. I wasn’t specifically looking for a women’s only course, but am glad I found one. I felt like I could be more open with questions and learning (instead of trying to be tough/prove myself in a mixed class). 


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Ladies Marksmanship Class Near Me