Lightning Speed

Are you frustrated with your inability to progress? Do you feel as though you ought to be able to engage multiple targets more accurately? If you are looking to improve your skills and shoot faster while maintaining accuracy, the LIGHTNING SPEED class is for you!

Firearm Type: HandgunSkill Level: Intermediate | Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $90.00/person 

First time at CSA today, overall it was a very good experience! Frank was in the pistol range and super helpful when we had questions! Great environment, great staff, great prices, organized, and clean! Thanks guys

– Sarah C.

Lightning Speed Class in Charlotte, NC

Lightning Speed is challenging, fast-paced, and likely one of the most important classes you will ever take for self-defense. Are you an experienced shooter who is looking for the tools to deliver multiple shots on target quickly? The experienced guides at CSA Guns have helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and concerns and become more confident in their shooting abilities.  Lightning Speed is aimed at helping you feel better prepared for both self-defense situations and competitive shooting.

At CSA Guns, our guides are committed to your advanced training. Lightning Speed is a companion class to our Extreme Accuracy and Low Light Defensive classes, which are all are designed to help you reach your full potential.

Who Is The Class For:

  •  • Those who want to be a better prepared, precise, and consistent shooter
  •  • Those who want to improve speed and accuracy without sights
  •  • Those looking for more educational tools and advanced skills
  •  • Those ready to learn the correct mindset to be confident
  •  • Those who want to learn how to be consistent with multiple shots in quick succession

What Is The Class About/What Will You Learn:

  •  • Mastering of new skills and fundamentals
  •  • Confidence and preparation for defensive situations
  •  • Increase your rate of fire, 5 shots in less than 1.5 sec. and keep a tight group
  •  • Sharpen your skills and advanced shooting proficiency
  •  • Precision and consistent shots without sights
  •  • Comfortable in making a critical decision to shoot in a potentially lethal situation
  •  • Mastered mind control for peak performance and complete control of your emotional state
  •  • Draw from concealment and shoot accurately
  •  • Importance of programming motor movements to the sub-conscience
  •  • The ability to “Enter the Zone” of peak performance on demand
  •  • Use of Visualization and imagery to refine motor skills
  •  • Knowing how to control emotions and manage pressure and the stress of an actual confrontation
  •  • Increased accuracy for distance shots and speed reloading techniques

What To Bring/What Is Provided:

What Is Provided

  •  • Course material

What To Bring:

  •  • Holster
  •  • Speed-loaders or extra magazines
  •  • Eye and ear protection
  •  • 150 rounds of ammo
  •  • Cover garment
  •  • Proper footwear and closed top shirt
  •  • Note-taking materials

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