Lightning Speed

Welcome to Lightning Speed Class!

Are you frustrated with your inability to progress? Do you feel as though you ought to be able to engage multiple targets more accurately? If you are looking to improve your skills and shoot faster while maintaining accuracy, the LIGHTNING SPEED class is for you!

Firearm Type: HandgunSkill Level: Intermediate | Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $90.00/person 

First time at CSA today, overall it was a very good experience! Frank was in the pistol range and super helpful when we had questions! Great environment, great staff, great prices, organized, and clean! Thanks guys

– Sarah C.

Lightning Speed Class in Charlotte, NC

The experienced guides at Carolina Sporting Arms have helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and concerns and become more confident in their shooting abilities.  The LIGHTNING SPEED class is a companion to our Extreme Accuracy class.

This class is aimed at helping you feel better prepared for both competitive shooting and self defense situations.

The guides at Carolina Sporting Arms are committed to your advanced training and this course, as a companion to our Extreme Accuracy course, was designed to help you reach your full potential.

What should you expect from this course?

  • – The excitement of mastering a new skill
  • – A feeling of confidence and preparation for defensive situations
  • – Learning a new skill you can share with your friends

After mastering the fundamentals from this class and our Extreme Accuracy class, you will see your rate of fire increase.  This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills while advancing your shooting proficiency.

Items you need to bring to this class:

  • – Eye and ear protection
  • – 100 rounds of ammo
  • – Proper footwear and closed top shirt
  • – Note taking materials

We understand your frustration and uncertainty.  We were once faced with the same self doubt and lack of confidence in our abilities.  This class helps you understand the importance of shooting fast while still being a proficient shooter.

In the rare instance we do not have a minimum of 3 participants, we may reschedule students to the next class that complies with the student’s schedule. Rescheduled students will have priority for the next scheduled class.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we limit our class sizes to no more than 12 participants. You deserve access to your instructor and this is why a low student to instructor ratio is capped. Small classes ensure your training needs are met and offer you a personal, guided training experience.

Photo ID is required to shoot on the range.

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