Low Light Defensive


This class is part of CSA Guns tactical instruction series and for those students who are serious about personal protection skills and tactics in the home, even in darkness. If you want to have the advantage during a threat under low light conditions, and feel better prepared for self-defense situations, this class is a must… and a great deal of fun on the range!

Firearm Type: Handgun | Skill Level: Intermediate Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $90.00/person


“Our group of 12 shooters had a great time! Beautiful range and very knowledgeable instructors made the experience a memorable one!”

– Jennifer K.

Low Light Defensive Training Class in Charlotte, NC

Our guides at CSA Guns are committed to your advanced training and this course, as a companion to our Extreme Accuracy course and Lightning Speed, was designed to help you reach your full potential.

What will you learn?

This class will provide insight and instruction on surviving an armed encounter. Since roughly 50% of our calendar year is in the dark and most shootings by both law enforcement and civilians occur in low to no light, it begs the question…Do you have the tactics and skills needed to survive an armed encounter using a light and your gun? Most folks don’t.

This class will address:

  • • Learning how our eyes adjust to the dark and how it affects your performance
  • • Applying techniques with a handheld light in a shooting grip
  • • Selecting a proper light
  • • Shooting techniques in the dark to select and apply the correct technique for your style
  • • Low-light accuracy against threat or assault
  • • Sight alignment techniques for low-light conditions
  • • Flashlight techniques
  • • Proper techniques for using cover in low light, Dos and Don’ts

Elements include:

  • • Increase the speed of your draw
  • • Program the front sight as the stimulus for releasing the shot at the unconscious level
  • • Master engaging multiple targets with ease, accuracy, and speed
  • • Use darkness as your friend
  • • Use cover in low light
  • • Use alternative sources of ambient light
  • • Shoot precision accuracy in low light

“The Range Staff best in Charlotte. Great Training”

– Roberto G.


The Low Light Defensive course is a companion to our Extreme Accuracy and Lightning Speed classes and you will need to complete the prerequisites below.

  • • Concealed carry permit
  • • Basic knowledge of your firearm
  • • Extreme Accuracy course
  • • Lightning Speed course


  • • Handgun of choice with 3 – 5 magazines
  • • Eye and ear protection (hard-shell muffs or custom molded)
  • • 200 – 300 rounds of target ammo
  • • 25 rounds of defensive ammo
  • • Defensive light of choice
  • • Additional batteries, notepad, and pen
  • • Speed-loaders or extra magazines
  • • Tactical flashlight
  • • Jacket

What is provided by your CSA guide?

  • • Course materials


You must have completed and passed our Extreme Accuracy and Lightning Speed classes as prerequisites for Low Light Defensive.

This class will not be addressing shooting fundamentals.  It will be assumed the student has the basic skills, knowledge and equipment to attend this class and, as such, is highly recommended.  If you would like to attend a basic skills class or have private instruction prior to the class, please sign up for our First Steps, First Shots, Give It A Shot classes, or Private Instruction before attending this class.

In Low Light Defensive, you will go way beyond turning off the lights and shooting. In this advanced class you will learn how to use darkness as your friend and develop a tactical advantage. Let us show you the secret of how to shoot as accurately in low-light as you can in broad daylight. You have to experience it, to believe it and if you miss out on this class you will be at an 80% disadvantage.

Low Light Defensive is one of the most important classes you’ll ever take! It goes way beyond turning off the lights and shooting. It’s your next step to personal protection. Learn how to take advantage of different types of light sources to gain precision accuracy for peak performance even in low light conditions. Shoot as accurately in low-light as you can in broad daylight!

Instructor: Mike Simpson
Time: 5 PM – 8 PM

8055 South Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28273

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