NC Concealed Carry Class

Welcome to NC Concealed Carry Class!

How will you benefit from taking this firearm training class in Charlotte, NC and acquiring a concealed carry permit from the state of North Carolina?  Will you feel comfortable once you can carry a concealed firearm safely and legally?  Will it be a motivational experience and lead you to new opportunities?

NC Concealed Carry Class

Firearm Type: Handgun | Skill Level: Intermediate | Certification: CCW | Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $150.00/person | Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

NC Concealed Carry Class Charlotte, NC
CCW Training near me Charlotte, NC
Concealed Carry Class Charlotte, NC

Focus on making it all relevant and meeting our needs and questions. It has been the best class of any that I’ve ever attended. Nothing needs to improve. Best class I’ve ever taken, I want to take more classes here in the future.

– Grant

NC Concealed Carry Class in Charlotte, NC

The Carolina Sporting Arms guides understand your concerns and are here to help you on your journey.  After years of training, our guides are experts at providing unforgettable unifying experiences.  The NC Concealed Carry class is the next step in building your training foundation.

Now, you’re wondering what to expect?  An NRA/NCDOJ certified instructor will discuss:

  • – safety and shooting basics
  • – defensive handgun selection
  • – maintenance, ammunition, and holsters
  • – how to clear malfunctions
  • – escalation of force and relevant North Carolina gun laws

Once the classroom portion is completed, you will participate in a qualification exercise on the live-fire range.  Your instructor will take you through the basics, so don’t worry if you have limited experience with handguns.  If you don’t feel comfortable with a concealed gun, we offer beginner’s courses that will be a great First Steps in your training.  These classes will give you the knowledge and confidence you deserve to continue with your training. Please note, this course is also offered in a Spanish-speaking setting.

First and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT is that you understand that this is an intermediate NC Concealed Carry Class for people who have some experience shooting a handgun. If you have had little or no experience with handguns then you should first opt for one of our basic pistol courses. This is NOT a class to learn how to shoot a gun AND receive a certificate to carry concealed!!! Please note that individuals who have extensive experience with rifles and/or shotguns should fare well in an intermediate class.

“My favorite aspect was watching the gun cleaning. The takedown of the gun was fundamental to learning about the parts. No suggestions for improvement, Joey and Mike were excellent!

– Chris B.

Concealed Carry Classes Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC Concealed Carry Training Class
Concealed Carry Permit Classes Charlotte NC

What should you bring to CCW class?

  • – Revolver or pistol* (in calibers .22 – 45 ACP)  *Available to rent in the CSA range. Students utilizing a rental gun from CSA will need to use a caliber larger than .22.
  • – At least 50 rounds of ammunition
  • – Closed-toed shoes
  • – Eye and ear protection *Available for purchase in the CSA range or store

Humor, practical real-world examples, thorough explanations made the subject matter understandable and memorable. Joey is great!

– P.K.

What is provided by your CSA guide?

  • – NC Concealed Carry Class handouts and paperwork
  • – Targets
  • – Certificate of completion (to present to your county sheriff)

Once you have a permit issued by the county sheriff, you will be certified to carry a concealed firearm safely and legally. Taking this class and learning how to carry will be a transformational step in your journey!  We’re glad you’re not missing out!!

Please note: There will be a 30 minute break for lunch and several short breaks during the day. You are welcome to bring a lunch from home or buy a lunch from the restaurant next door.

The most beneficial was having examples to support the theory. Great job, really enjoyed this class

Matt B.

Women Concealed Carry Class in Charlotte, NC

Interaction and Enthusiasm! Very well done!

– Pete B.

If you have any questions regarding refunds, rescheduling, or cancellations, click the button below to access our comprehensive policy.

I benefited most from the open dialogue, demonstrations, being able to ask all and any questions. Joey is the best instructor, hands down!”


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Concealed Carry Classes in Charlotte, NC