Retired Law Enforcement Officer Firearms Certification


In 2007, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation to allow for the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission to “establish standards and guidelines for the annual firearms certification of qualified retired law enforcement officers.” This action was a result of the passage by the US Congress of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 (known as H.R. 218) which allows for qualified and trained active law enforcement officers and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons nationwide. Following a lengthy process, the program for qualification of retired officers has now been developed.
Under the federal law, retired law enforcement officers may carry concealed firearms nationwide if they meet the definition of a “qualified retired law enforcement officer” as specified in H.R. 218 and have, within the most recent 12-month period, met the State’s standards for training and qualification for active law enforcement officers to carry firearms. A retired officer residing in North Carolina may meet the State’s standards in one of two ways, as follows:
  • The retired officer may qualify with the agency from which he/she retired. Under this scenario, the agency is responsible for providing documentation to the retired officer to verify their completion of the annual in-service firearms training and qualification requirements. No documentation would have to be submitted to the Criminal Justice Standards Commission by the agency or the officer; or,
  • The retired officer may go to a Commission certified law enforcement Specialized Firearms Instructor and complete the training and qualification and then apply to the Criminal Justice Standards Commission for certification under the new Retired Law Enforcement Officers Firearms Qualification Certification Program.
Carolina Sporting Arms is happy to host this qualification course for Retired Law Enforcement Officers.  A certified instructor will assist the students in completing the training and qualification for certification.
This class will be a four hour class and will include legal updates, firearm safety and fundamentals of marksmanship.  It will also include both daytime and nighttime (simulated) qualification.  Qualification will include a 50 round course of fire daytime, a 50 round course of fire nighttime and a day and night combat course totaling 150 rounds of fire.  You *MUST* qualify with every handgun you choose to carry under the provisions of HR 218.
Carolina Sporting Arms offers a unique HR 218 class and we are confident you will walk away with the knowledge, techniques and skills it takes to apply for your annual HR 218 certification.
The HR 218 for Retired Law Enforcement certification class requires that an individual that attends must meet several minimum standards as set forth by the Federal and North Carolina Administrative Code:
These requirements are as follows:
a.  The legal block of instruction must be a minimum of two (2) hours in length.
b.  You must pass a written legal examination.
c.  You must pass a shooting proficiency examination.  This will include both a day and night course of fire.
Retired law enforcement deputies, officers, troopers and federal/state agents who wish to participate in the HR 218 class MUST have the following:
  • Photo identification showing proof from the agency in which you retired.
  • Primary residence in North Carolina (you can be retired from any law enforcement agency within the US to be eligible for this class)
  • Good quality handgun and at least 150 rounds of target/range ammunition, eye and ear protection, three (3) magazines for semi-automatic pistols and a flashlight.
  • Handguns may utilize the following calibers: .380 caliber, 9 mm, .40 caliber, .45 caliber, 357 SIG, .38 special and 357 Magnum. (No other calibers of ammunition will be allowed)
  • Holster and belt (no cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed due to safety concerns).
  • Hat or cap with brim to deflect hot spent shells and prevent them from getting between your safety glasses and eyes.

Only handguns chambered for the approved calibers will be authorized.  Firearms will be inspected for safety and functionality by the instructor.  Firearms found to be unsafe or unserviceable will not be allowed on the firing line.



Photo ID is required to shoot on the range.

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