RSO - Range Safety Officer Certification

Skill Level: Intermediate | Certification: NRA RSO | Location: Charlotte, NC | Cost: $150.00/person 

Mike provided real-world examples and experiences! Excellent course and the instructor held our attention.

– William M.

Range Safety Officer Class in Charlotte, NC


Every student will learn how to properly take control of firearms on the firing line, how to identify stoppages and malfunctions, and how to properly clear them. Upon completion of this course students will become NRA certified Range Safety Officers. Certified Range Safety Officers are required for all Boy Scouts of America shooting events, NRA sanctioned shooting competitions and events, as well as many other shooting events and practically every commercial shooting range and gun club.

What materials will be provided?

  • – Range Safety Officer packet with RSO course book 
  • – RSO test

Range Safety Course Outline:

  • – The Role of a Range Safety Officer
  • – The purpose of Standard Operating Procedures
  • – Range Layouts and Limits
  • – Range Inspection 
  • – Range Rules
  • – How to conduct a Range Safety Briefing
  • – Emergency Procedures
  • – Firearm Stoppages and Malfunctions
  •  – How to properly control a shooter on the firing line.

Excellent staff always willing to answer questions….Matt Fultz spent 10 minutes with me and improved my shooting tremendously…

– Mark W.

In the rare instance we do not have a minimum of 3 participants, we may reschedule students to the next class that complies with the student’s schedule. Rescheduled students will have priority for the next scheduled class.

You deserve access to your instructor and this is why a low student to instructor ratio is capped. Small classes ensure your training needs are met and offer you a personal, guided training experience.

Photo ID is required to shoot on the range.

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