Armed Interaction with Law Enforcement


This course will provide our guests with concealed carry concepts to safely and successfully navigate an encounter with law enforcement during traffic stops as well as immediately after using force with a firearm. The training will consist of lecture, scenario-based training exercises, time on the video-based Shooting Simulator and one-on-one feedback from members of our training cadre. There is no live-fire component to this course as the focus of the training will be tactics and development of the proper decision-making skills.



Owner and lead instructor with Fortitude Consulting. He has an extensive background in law enforcement training, martial arts and a passion for the shooting sports. Gil is a former Marine and currently a 22 year veteran of a large local police department where he holds the rank of Sergeant. He is a North Carolina Justice Academy state certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and Subject Control Arrest Techniques Instructor. He is a practioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, often incorporating both disciplines into self-defense instruction. Gil is very friendly and approachable, always willing to help the new or experienced shooter. Gil is an avid competitive shooter,and enjoys participating in action shooting events such as USPSA, IDPA, and 3 GUN.


* NRA Pistol Instructor
* NRA Range Safety Officer
* Certified Glock Armorer
* 3 GUN Nation Certified Range Officer
* NC State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
* NC State Law Enforcement Subject Control Instructor
* Basic and Advanced Ground Defense Instructor
* Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt
(Team Steve Hall/Royce Gracie-Fight To Win BJJ)
* Level 1 Muay Thai Black Belt USA (World Thai Boxing Association Affiliate)


Frank has been with CSA since December of 2015 and is the Senior Range Associate. Frank recently retired from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and has a combined 27 years of law enforcement service on both a local and state level with 25 years as a firearms instructor. He is certified through the NC Justice Academy as a Specialized Firearms Instructor as well as through the NRA. In addition to attending several colleges for firearm training, he has also completed instructor courses at the following nationally-recognized schools: Team One Network (Patrol Rifle Instructor), and Singleton International (Shotgun Instructor).


* Certified Bilingual in English and Spanish
* NRA Range Safety Officer
* NRA Pistol Instructor
* NC State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
* NC Concealed Carry Instructor
* Patrol Rifle Instructor
* Tactical Shotgun Instructor
* Basic and Advanced Ground Defense Instructor
* Rapid Deployment Instructor
* O.C. Spray Instructor
* ASP Tactical Baton Instructor
* Officer Survival Instructor
* NC Hunter Safety Instructor
* Taser Instructor
* Certified Glock Armorer
* SWAT Certified
* K-9 Handler, Bloodhound


Equipment needed:

  • Carry holster of choice. (NO FIREARMS)
  • Note taking materials.

8055 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273

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