Every Sunday in February, enjoy a fun CSA Guns Event…


“Shoot for the Crown”


Split the card, and win a free guest pass, plus entry for the Grand Prize Drawing of a $25 in-store Gift Card!

Stop by anytime on Sunday and shoot for a chance to take the crown!

  •  Entry Fee $5.00

  •  Bring 5 rounds

  •  Pick a card out of the box

  •  Each card is a different distance

  •  Gold = 3 yards, 3 rounds

  •  Blue = 5 yards, 5 rounds

  •  Red = 7 yards, 5 rounds

  •  Every person who successfully shoots and splits the card will win a free guest pass.

  •  A photo will be taken with you and the crown for CSA Guns’ social media.

  •  Your name is entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize.

Grand Prize: $25 in-store gift card and a crown of your own.
*The winner will be selected on 3/1/23.